About Gail Fay

Springboard Productions

After a long and successful career in IT, Gail (in mid-life crisis) pursued her lifelong ambitions in the arts, studying drama and graphic design in the 90′s. She established Springboard Productions in 1990 and was awarded the “Australian Achiever Award” (2000) in Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations.

As an entrepreneur, Gail has managed rock bands, theatre companies, a drama school and produced, directed and acted in many productions and short films.

Gail’s daughter Steph

Her greatest joy was raising her beautiful daughter, Stephanie, who at 18 is also an aspiring actor. Both Steph and Gail are called upon from time to time by film students of the Byron Bay School of Audio Engineering and Film Making to appear in their film projects.


Online Aspirations

Gail’s interests turned to the internet a few years ago and she aspired to become an internet entrepreneur. After finding out the hard way that it’s extremely difficult (and expensive!) to go it alone she sought out genuine experienced internet entrepreneurs and stumbled across Chris Farrell, whose weekly newsletter, Success Grenade, provided real honest-to-goodness internet marketing tutorials, insight and advice. (Thanks Chris!)

Gail has proven to herself that focus, determination, honesty and the desire to help others is the key to earning an income online. She has won prizes in a marketing video creation competition, a social media promotion contest and even ranked a place in the top ten affiliates list during her first attempt at promoting a well-known guru’s product launch.

Chris Mentor Me – Chris Farrell

Gail only promotes genuine products and services that are proven to help others. Her advice to aspiring internet entrepreneurs is

“To succeed online, you must get a sound education. The fastest way is to hook up with a mentor. It will save you a lot of heartache and expense.”

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

IFA ChrisMentorMe” training course is by far the best on the internet for newbies and strugglers. Chris Farrell is a warm, genuine guy who will take you step-by-step to making your first sale online and he will arm you with everything you need to grow a profitable online business.”

Gail is so enthusiastic about helping others succeed online that she is giving away a bonus Flip video camera to every new student who registers for the “ChrisMentorMe”  training from this site.

Just For Fun

Ya gotta love this clever dog!