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Chris Mentor Me 200% Money Back Guarantee

Chris Mentor Me Risk Free

moneybackguaranteeNever before in internet history has anyone offered a guarantee like Chris Farrell for his monumental internet marketing course Chris Mentor Me. You will make money online within 6 weeks or get double your investment refunded. Yes 200% money back. How does that make you feel? You can relax in knowing that you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Chris Farrell already holds the coveted title of the No 1 Internet marketing Service on the web so you can be sure that you are in safe hands. He has already helped thousands of beginners to make money online and has a flawless reputation for demystifying the process and explaining every step so that people actually UNDERSTAND internet marketing.

Chris Mentor Me Bonuses

Flip MinoHD Video Camera


chrismentormebonusflipcamThis is only for those who sign up through my link. It’s my special gift to you. For instructions about how to reserve your video camera, please go to instructions before signing up for Chris Mentor Me



Every participant will receive a webpage builder called OptimizePress, which is a superior WordPress theme that builds professional sales funnels that guide your potential customers through whatever process you choose, adding them to your subscriber database and delivering their downloads.

Free Lifetime Web Hosting

This bonus speaks for itself. No monthly fees for hosting your website.

Many More Bonuses Await You Inside Your Members Area

Chris Mentor Me Overview

When you click the banner above you’ll be taken to a video where Chris Farrell himself will tell you all about Chris Mentor Me. But what you can look forward to is that, not only will you make money, but you will UNDERSTAND the process and the steps involved.

Chris Farrell knows how to make money and he knows how to teach. By the end of the course you will have everything you need to build a profitable online business. You will have created  your own digital product, have a list of subscribers, a Facebook page, lots of visitors and importantly, an understanding of internet marketing and how to make money online.

And of course Chris Mentor Me offers the DOUBLE-YOUR-MONEY-BACK guarantee.

Chris Mentor Me registration is open for a limited time because the course commences 24th September. Go and check out the Chris Mentor Me video now

Chris Mentor Me

by Gail Fay




Chris Mentor Me Bonus Exclusive

Chris Mentor Me Details Revealed Today

chrismentormebonusflipcamThe news is finally out about Chris Mentor Me, the most exciting and controversial Internet


Marketing training course in the history of the internet  and I am offering an exclusive Chris Mentor Me Bonus – a Video Camera!

Before I go into details of my Chris Mentor Me bonus and how you can reserve your  FREE video camera let me explain why Chris Mentor Me is so controversial.

Chris Mentor Me Guarantees You Will Make Money Within 6 Weeks

Chris Farrell is staking his flawless reputation on this 6-week Chris Mentor Me training. Never before has anyone so confidently offered a guarantee that participants will make money in 6 weeks, but Chris Farrell will prove that his course will work for anyone, from beginner to advanced level.

Making money online is a process that can be learned, but like any apprenticeship, you must use the right tools and follow step-by-step procedures and tasks. Chris Farrell is an excellent teacher who makes everything very easy to understand and implement.

Chris Mentor Me will be delivered as live weekly webinars, each around 3-4 hours. The webinars will be recorded and accessible afterwards in the members area along with supporting videos, printouts and documents. All the tools and programs you will need to start making money are being provided in the course.

Chris Mentor Me Bonus Details

Apart from my special Chris Mentor Me Bonus you will be provided with a powerful tool that is used


optimizepress-bonusby some of the top internet marketers on the planet.OptimizePress is a total package that enables you to very easily set up your sales process (sales funnel) to flow automatically. It will help build a list of subscribers and take them through a series of pages specifically designed to complete a sale, collect payment and deliver the product and any bonuses you are offering. (This is how you “make money while you sleep”!)

Next bonus is a Facebook Page Generator, which integrates with OptimizePress to help boost your


facebook-iconvisitors and sales. Additionally, you will get comprehensive training about Facebook with the bonus Facebook Video Course of 90 videos. Social media is essential to the success of every internet business today. Those who ignore it will struggle to compete.

The bonuses don’t stop there, but Chris will be announcing those later during the launch period. He has a great surprise in store for those who sign up early PLUS another fantastic bonus towards the end of the course.

Exclusive Chris Mentor Me Bonus Video Camera

I am so confident that Chris Mentor Me is the best “make money online” training on the internet, I want you to accept a gift for signing up through my affiliate link. It’s a Flip MinoHD Video Camera.

I believe it’s the best Chris Mentor Me Bonus being offered. Why? Well a video camera will be something you can put to good use in your new online business. Chris Farrell uses video a lot to make announcements and insert on his web pages. It helps your subscribers identify with you as a person.

You’ll be able to carry it in your pocket or purse wherever you go, for business or for pleasure, to capture the moment. I love mine and I don’t go anywhere without it.

How to Reserve Your Chris Mentor Me Bonus Video Cam

To reserve a Chris Mentor Me Bonus video camera you must first enter your name and email address next to the video on the =>> Chris Mentor Me Review Home Page <<=

The special Chris Mentor Me Bonus link and instructions will be sent to you by email. Use that link to register for no-obligation updates from the official Chris Mentor Me site. You will get access to detailed info and get the latest updates about the course from Chris Farrell.

If, at any stage, you do decide to sign-up for Chris Mentor Me, remember to do so through my special link. To enable me to send you the Chris Mentor Me bonus video cam you must email me with your transaction receipt number (very important).

Chris Mentor Me For and Against


  • No experience necessary
  • All tools and software included
  • Guaranteed to make money in 6 weeks
  • Live chat support
  • Live webinars recorded
  • Everything is explained in layman’s terms
  • End result – a real online business and a list of subscribers


  • Some people may find it too simplified (Is that really a problem?)
  • Umm… I really don’t see any real disadvantages!
Chris Mentor Me – A Solid Foundation and Education

Well, the rest is up to you. Are you tired of trying on your own? Are you frustrated with trying to find all the bits of the puzzle that seem to be missing? Do you want to save yourself a lot of trial and error, money and time?

There is no university that teaches this stuff, but if there were, an education like this would cost thousands of dollars and take far too long. Chris Mentor Me is your shortcut to success and I’m willing to buy you a Chris Mentor Me bonus video camera to prove it.

Go now and register for a Chris Mentor Me Bonus video camera in the form on the home page =>>HERE<<= No obligation.

Chris Mentor Me Review

Chris Mentor Me

Mentor Chris Farrell

chrismentorme-chrisfarrellChris Mentor Me is a new 6-week Internet Marketing coaching program specifically created by Chris Farrell for people who want to learn how to make money online. (Official launch begins 6th September 2011)

=> link to Official ChrisMentorMe site <=

The mission of Chris Mentor Me training is to ensure that every participant

  • understands the process of how to make money online
  • actually makes money within the 6 weeks.

Chris Farrell sees the frustration and struggle most people go through when starting out and his training aims to demystify the entire process. He genuinely cares about his students and their success and it really shows. He speaks without hype or buzzwords and engages his students with his warm, charming manner.

Chris Farrell has literally thousands of glowing and verifiable testimonials. His style of teaching is easy to understand because he clearly explains the What, the Why and the How of each and every step.

Chris Mentor Me Course Structure

Chris Mentor Me is based on the 3 basic steps to making money online:

  1. Finding a profitable niche
  2. Building a list in this niche
  3. Marketing related products to your list


Once registered for Chris Mentor Me you will be sent a “Mentor Me Pack” outling 8 simple steps to complete before the course begins, including how to secure a domain name for your website and setting up a PayPal account to receive payments. The pack will also discuss aspects of website hosting and how to transfer your new domain name to your hosting account. (One of the bonuses included with Chris Mentor Me is Free hosting.)

By the start of week 1 you’ll be ready to start building your own online business.

ChrisMentorMe Training

The course will be conducted via live weekly webinars of around 3 – 4 hours each. If you can’t attend live, don’t worry because all sessions will be recorded for viewing in your Members area any time, as often as you like.

There will also be plenty of videos (around 20 per week) to support and further elaborate on the steps discussed in the live webinars. Having seen many of Chris Farrell’s videos I can assure you that he makes all the technical stuff a walk in the park. In addition, you will have access to numerous well-written documents and instructions that you can print out.

ChrisMentorMe Content

Without giving too much away here, Chris will take you through a complete blueprint of how making money online works – the exact step-by-step process, from the very beginning, in great detail, leaving nothing out. You will have a website created for you and you will be armed with the the tools and the knowhow to create many more on your own with the included bonus site builder called OptimizePress.

You’ll learn how to create your own digital product, get it online, set up the sales funnel from landing page to delivery, adding new subscribers to your list in the process.

Generating traffic – the art of getting targeted visitors to your site – has always been problematic for the inexperienced but Chris Mentor Me has got it well covered, devoting a whole week to various methods, including social media.

There are many more surprises and bonuses that will be revealed after the 1st of September. To ensure you are first to get full details and updates directly from Chris Farrell himself, get on over to the official website.

=> link to Official ChrisMentorMe site <=

ChrisMentorMe Support

Chris Mentor Me has an exceptional support system in place, including live chat. The expert team is poised to answer your questions and help with any technical problems you might encounter. And of course, during live webinars you will be able to send questions via the chat box and hopefully, Chris may even open the lines to live Q & A.

Chris Mentor Me – My Review

Chris Mentor Me, in my opinion, promises to be the best training opportunityon the internet today for anyone wanting a solid education about making money online. Without a mentor, the journey can be confusing, frustrating and expensive. There are countless stories all over the internet about people who have spent tens of thousands of dollars before making their first dollar online.

Chris Farrell has put together Chris Mentor Me especially to reduce the trials, the headaches and the expense of going it alone. A trustworthy mentor is essential if you want to succeed online and Chris Farrell has a proven track record with transforming novices into professional internet marketers.

For those of you who’ve already had some experience but still haven’t been able to make money online, Chris Mentor Me will be a welcome relief. Providing you agree to swallow your pride, throw out the methods that didn’t work for you and start all over again from scratch, you will have your online business on track to success within weeks.

The only possible downside I can see is that, for people with a some knowledge of internet marketing, Chris Mentor Me will cover some ground that they already feel familiar with. However, if they are able to swallow their pride and go with the flow, it is likely that they will experience the breakthrough that they have been striving for.

Chris Mentor Me guarantees that all participants will make money during this course and will have the knowledge, confidence and  tools to continue to grow their income online.

Chris Farrell says “caring is the new currency.” In uncertain times, it is those who help others who will succeed. Chris Mentor Me is a lot about online online community and helping others. Those who sign up for the course will become part of a large, like-minded community within themembership forum, whose members are there to inspire, encourage and help you every step of the way.

=> link to Official ChrisMentorMe site <=

I am offering a very useful bonus of a Flip Mino HD Video Camera to all who decide to participate in Chris Mentor Me and register through my link. You’ll be amazed by how much you use it  in your online business!

by Gail Fay

Chris Mentor Me Course Guaranteed to Make Money Fast

Chris Mentor Me Guarantee

chrismentormemakemoneyfastHang on to your seat for a World Exclusive! Chris Farrell, Mr Nice Guy of Internet Marketing is staking his flawless reputation on Chris Mentor Me, his up-coming coaching course.

“You will make money within 6 weeks – guaranteed” if you sign up for the Chris Mentor Me course, which is set to launch in September.

Make Money Fast?

Many have tried but few succeed in making money fast online. The sad fact is that a massive 97% FAIL !  Astounding, isn’t it? So how can Chris Farrell make a sweeping statement that you will make money as fast? Far fetched? Not at all! But before I jump into the details l’d like to get one thing straight. If you think you can make money fast online without proper guidance then you are destined for frustration, information overload, heavy debt and ultimate failure.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of getting a mentor.

One of the main reasons so many people fail is because they don’t understand the “marketing”. Just building a website is not enough. Without marketing, your website is as good as a giant billboard in the middle of the Sahara Desert! Nobody’s going to see it. It could sit there for years and rot.

What might work better is a compelling billboard on a busy highway that gets tons of traffic passing every day. But there’s more to it than a website and traffic. That’s where Chris Mentor Me comes in.

Chris Mentor Me and Learning to Drive

chrismentormeLearnerThink about the following scenario. (Bear with me.) Take the example of learning to drive a car. You don’t have to build the car or be a mechanic but you do need to learn how to operate the controls.  You wouldn’t just jump into a car for the first time and learn by trial and error, would you?

There are many steps to take. First you need to get a Learner permit by studying the road rules and sitting for a test. Then you need a qualified driver or instructor to guide you. There are weather and road conditions as well as safety and courtesy to other drivers to consider. It all seems a bit overwhelming at first, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes second nature. You progress to hill-starts and parking. After plenty of practice you are ready to try out for a bonafide drivers licence and you can drive by yourself.

If you treat Internet Marketing in a similar manner, then you are more likely to succeed. Chris Mentor Me is the training and Chris Farrell, the instructor. Chris Mentor Me provides the vehicle (hosting and website) and you won’t need to be a mechanic (programmer). You will be guided through the complete process step-by-step and before the course is through you will have started to make money.

Chris Mentor Me Course Dates

1st September, 2011  Chris Mentor Me details and bonuses are officially announced to the public (but you can pre-register NOW for instant updates as they come to hand).

6th September, 2011 Chris Mentor Me Course registration begins and runs for 2 weeks. However, earlybirds will receive a nice discount.

24th September, 2011  Chris Mentor Me Course begins . Duration 6-7 weeks.

Chris Mentor Me Bonus

chrismentormebonusflipcamPlease keep in mind that if you decide to sign up to participate in the Chris Mentor Me course through this site you will receive a fantastic gift from me with my compliments. (Simply enter your name and email address in the form at the top of the Home page.)

Please watch the video at the top of this website for all the details about how to claim your FLIP MINO HD VIDEO CAMERA.

I do hope you consider the Chris Mentor Me course. Chris Farrell will take excellent care of you and promises to make your journey to online success a joyful and profitable one. You will make money fast! Stay tuned to this site for further details. I will be adding more info about the course content plus other articles about online business. Good luck and I hope you come back soon.

Chris Mentor Me aka ChrisMentorMe

What is Chris Mentor Me?

Chris Mentor Me is a total internet marketing coaching course developed by renowned and celebrated  internet marketing expert Chris Farrell especially for newbies/beginners and for those who have been trying to make money online with little or no success.

The typical newbie experience

TearHairOut1There’s nothing worse than the frustration of spending hours trying to find information about the nuts and bolts of online business, how to piece  them all together, getting stuck and having nobody to ask. Your family thinks you’re crazy and assures you that everything on the internet is a scam. Your eyeballs are hanging out, you’re suffering from exhaustion and information overload and you start losing your friends.

Before you know it your credit card is blown out and you have nothing to show for it except a hard drive full of half-baked ebooks and programs that always seem to miss out all the important bits!


Can you relate to that?  Well you’ll be relieved to know that help is at hand. Chris Mentor Me couldn’t have come at a better time for you.

Chris Mentor Me Overview

Chris Farrell totally understands your dilemma. He experienced the same frustrations when he started out and spent a lot of time researching and gathering scattered information and piecing it all together. After 6 months of experimenting, trial and error and a whole lot of blood, sweat and tears he eventually made his first sale! He was over the moon with joy!

Chris went on to increase his sales to $100 day, then $250 a day, $1,000 a day until last year he made over 1 million dollars in a single day! Chris vowed to help other frustrated marketers to on their feet and start making money too. Chris saw the need for a comprehensive step-by-step working blueprint that would fill the void and demystify the whole process. Thus “Chris Mentor Me” was born.

Desperation often leads to disaster

I’m sure you can relate to Chris Farrell’s early experiences. I know I can. In my early days on the internet I was desperate to find a mentor. I was green around the gills and getting nowhere fast. I’d shelled out big dollars for all sorts of money-making schemes and courses, but I kept hitting brick walls because I didn’t understand the structure and basics of internet marketing.

sharkfinEventually, I was approached by a self-proclaimed “guru” who charged me $15,000 to help me develop a sure-fire internet business that would make me $30,000 a month! I should have researched this guy before making a decision but he made it sound fool-proof.

As it turned out he was a “sharketer” that very few people had heard of. What an a-hole! It was all crap. Cheats never prosper and he was publicly exposed as a fraud. His business went under and his name is now permanently tarnished all over the internet.

Chris Mentor Me – the real deal

Thank goodness for Chris Farrell, a true gentleman and as honest as the day is long. His teachings are now world-renowned and he has been voted the No. 1 Internet Marketing service on the internet for 3 years in a row.

His membership site boasts over 5,000 active members and you won’t find a bad word written about him anywhere. He takes people by the hand and helps them step-by-step to build a genuine and profitable online business. No more frustration, no more grey areas, no more wasted time and money.

Chris Mentor Me is a blessing to all beginners and frustrated would-be marketers. Chris Farrell will, without a doubt, turn your life around and if you follow his 6 weeks of instruction you WILL make money online before the course is through. That’s the guarantee that Chris is prepared to stake his untarnished reputation on. You won’t find a better mentor anywhere.

Stay tuned, because very soon I will be revealing the content and bonuses included in  the Chris Mentor Me training. If you pre register for Chris Mentor Me updates via the banner below, you will qualify for the Free Bonus Video Camera if you decide to purchase the course.