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chrismentormebonusflipcamThe news is finally out about Chris Mentor Me, the most exciting and controversial Internet


Marketing training course in the history of the internet  and I am offering an exclusive Chris Mentor Me Bonus – a Video Camera!

Before I go into details of my Chris Mentor Me bonus and how you can reserve your  FREE video camera let me explain why Chris Mentor Me is so controversial.

Chris Mentor Me Guarantees You Will Make Money Within 6 Weeks

Chris Farrell is staking his flawless reputation on this 6-week Chris Mentor Me training. Never before has anyone so confidently offered a guarantee that participants will make money in 6 weeks, but Chris Farrell will prove that his course will work for anyone, from beginner to advanced level.

Making money online is a process that can be learned, but like any apprenticeship, you must use the right tools and follow step-by-step procedures and tasks. Chris Farrell is an excellent teacher who makes everything very easy to understand and implement.

Chris Mentor Me will be delivered as live weekly webinars, each around 3-4 hours. The webinars will be recorded and accessible afterwards in the members area along with supporting videos, printouts and documents. All the tools and programs you will need to start making money are being provided in the course.

Chris Mentor Me Bonus Details

Apart from my special Chris Mentor Me Bonus you will be provided with a powerful tool that is used


optimizepress-bonusby some of the top internet marketers on the planet.OptimizePress is a total package that enables you to very easily set up your sales process (sales funnel) to flow automatically. It will help build a list of subscribers and take them through a series of pages specifically designed to complete a sale, collect payment and deliver the product and any bonuses you are offering. (This is how you “make money while you sleep”!)

Next bonus is a Facebook Page Generator, which integrates with OptimizePress to help boost your


facebook-iconvisitors and sales. Additionally, you will get comprehensive training about Facebook with the bonus Facebook Video Course of 90 videos. Social media is essential to the success of every internet business today. Those who ignore it will struggle to compete.

The bonuses don’t stop there, but Chris will be announcing those later during the launch period. He has a great surprise in store for those who sign up early PLUS another fantastic bonus towards the end of the course.

Exclusive Chris Mentor Me Bonus Video Camera

I am so confident that Chris Mentor Me is the best “make money online” training on the internet, I want you to accept a gift for signing up through my affiliate link. It’s a Flip MinoHD Video Camera.

I believe it’s the best Chris Mentor Me Bonus being offered. Why? Well a video camera will be something you can put to good use in your new online business. Chris Farrell uses video a lot to make announcements and insert on his web pages. It helps your subscribers identify with you as a person.

You’ll be able to carry it in your pocket or purse wherever you go, for business or for pleasure, to capture the moment. I love mine and I don’t go anywhere without it.

How to Reserve Your Chris Mentor Me Bonus Video Cam

To reserve a Chris Mentor Me Bonus video camera you must first enter your name and email address next to the video on the =>> Chris Mentor Me Review Home Page <<=

The special Chris Mentor Me Bonus link and instructions will be sent to you by email. Use that link to register for no-obligation updates from the official Chris Mentor Me site. You will get access to detailed info and get the latest updates about the course from Chris Farrell.

If, at any stage, you do decide to sign-up for Chris Mentor Me, remember to do so through my special link. To enable me to send you the Chris Mentor Me bonus video cam you must email me with your transaction receipt number (very important).

Chris Mentor Me For and Against


  • No experience necessary
  • All tools and software included
  • Guaranteed to make money in 6 weeks
  • Live chat support
  • Live webinars recorded
  • Everything is explained in layman’s terms
  • End result – a real online business and a list of subscribers


  • Some people may find it too simplified (Is that really a problem?)
  • Umm… I really don’t see any real disadvantages!
Chris Mentor Me – A Solid Foundation and Education

Well, the rest is up to you. Are you tired of trying on your own? Are you frustrated with trying to find all the bits of the puzzle that seem to be missing? Do you want to save yourself a lot of trial and error, money and time?

There is no university that teaches this stuff, but if there were, an education like this would cost thousands of dollars and take far too long. Chris Mentor Me is your shortcut to success and I’m willing to buy you a Chris Mentor Me bonus video camera to prove it.

Go now and register for a Chris Mentor Me Bonus video camera in the form on the home page =>>HERE<<= No obligation.

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