Chris Mentor Me Guarantee

chrismentormemakemoneyfastHang on to your seat for a World Exclusive! Chris Farrell, Mr Nice Guy of Internet Marketing is staking his flawless reputation on Chris Mentor Me, his up-coming coaching course.

“You will make money within 6 weeks – guaranteed” if you sign up for the Chris Mentor Me course, which is set to launch in September.

Make Money Fast?

Many have tried but few succeed in making money fast online. The sad fact is that a massive 97% FAIL !  Astounding, isn’t it? So how can Chris Farrell make a sweeping statement that you will make money as fast? Far fetched? Not at all! But before I jump into the details l’d like to get one thing straight. If you think you can make money fast online without proper guidance then you are destined for frustration, information overload, heavy debt and ultimate failure.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of getting a mentor.

One of the main reasons so many people fail is because they don’t understand the “marketing”. Just building a website is not enough. Without marketing, your website is as good as a giant billboard in the middle of the Sahara Desert! Nobody’s going to see it. It could sit there for years and rot.

What might work better is a compelling billboard on a busy highway that gets tons of traffic passing every day. But there’s more to it than a website and traffic. That’s where Chris Mentor Me comes in.

Chris Mentor Me and Learning to Drive

chrismentormeLearnerThink about the following scenario. (Bear with me.) Take the example of learning to drive a car. You don’t have to build the car or be a mechanic but you do need to learn how to operate the controls.  You wouldn’t just jump into a car for the first time and learn by trial and error, would you?

There are many steps to take. First you need to get a Learner permit by studying the road rules and sitting for a test. Then you need a qualified driver or instructor to guide you. There are weather and road conditions as well as safety and courtesy to other drivers to consider. It all seems a bit overwhelming at first, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes second nature. You progress to hill-starts and parking. After plenty of practice you are ready to try out for a bonafide drivers licence and you can drive by yourself.

If you treat Internet Marketing in a similar manner, then you are more likely to succeed. Chris Mentor Me is the training and Chris Farrell, the instructor. Chris Mentor Me provides the vehicle (hosting and website) and you won’t need to be a mechanic (programmer). You will be guided through the complete process step-by-step and before the course is through you will have started to make money.

Chris Mentor Me Course Dates

1st September, 2011  Chris Mentor Me details and bonuses are officially announced to the public (but you can pre-register NOW for instant updates as they come to hand).

6th September, 2011 Chris Mentor Me Course registration begins and runs for 2 weeks. However, earlybirds will receive a nice discount.

24th September, 2011  Chris Mentor Me Course begins . Duration 6-7 weeks.

Chris Mentor Me Bonus

chrismentormebonusflipcamPlease keep in mind that if you decide to sign up to participate in the Chris Mentor Me course through this site you will receive a fantastic gift from me with my compliments. (Simply enter your name and email address in the form at the top of the Home page.)

Please watch the video at the top of this website for all the details about how to claim your FLIP MINO HD VIDEO CAMERA.

I do hope you consider the Chris Mentor Me course. Chris Farrell will take excellent care of you and promises to make your journey to online success a joyful and profitable one. You will make money fast! Stay tuned to this site for further details. I will be adding more info about the course content plus other articles about online business. Good luck and I hope you come back soon.

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