OptimizePress Review

OptimizePress is one of the most powerful and smart internet marketing tools ever released. It’s a super-dooper WordPress theme that doesn’t even resemble a blog but rather a top notch website. OptimizePress is one of the bonuses included with the ChrisMentorMe training package.

During the ChrisMentorMe program you will be creating a digital product to give away to build a list of subscribers.  The ChrisMentorMe team will build your first site for you, but you will be able to build all kinds of webpages yourself with OptimizePress.

You’ ll be able to develop a very effective sales hub complete with easy-to-configure pages.

Simply select one of the many templates provided, choose your font styles and then fill in the boxes. No need to know any programming or html coding. OptimizePress also accommodates WordPress plugins enabling you to configure your pages with loads of extra features and functions.

There are other programs out there on the market that will charge you a hefty monthly fee for a licence to use their similar features, but with ChrisMentorMe you get an licence to use it for creating unlimited projects to grow your business.

As you move through each stage of the internet marketing process you’ll be creating the pages you need in OptimizePress. Before long you’ll have an automated sales funnel working for you 24/7, freeing up your time to promoting your new site with the methods you will learn during the ChrisMentorMe training.

Squeeze Pages

Your squeeze page will be instrumental in building a list of subscribers. Chris will show you how to create a piece content (a pdf report, video or video series or anything that has a perceived value) that you will gift to your visitors in exchange for their name and email address.

Your subscriber list will become the heart of your business and Chris will teach you how to develop a relationship with your subscribers via email, social networking or even video. Your subscribers’ will grow to trust you and buy products that you recommend or even create yourself.

Sales Pages

OptimizePress takes the nightmare out of sales letter and offer page creation with built in templates, shortcodes, color schemes and design elements that have all been tested and proven. It’s so easy to create fantastic headers without having to pay a designer. Customize your pages with drop-in boxes, buttons and videos – all within seconds.

Sales Funnel

Sales funnels used to be a pain to set up, but with OptimizePress you guide your visitors through a sequence of pages, from opting-in for a free gift, to sales/purchase, to up-sell/one-time-offer, through to thankyou/download, to bonus, to membership (in any combination). Imagine the time saved!

Product Launches

Traditionally, product launches involved a huge amount of effort in planning and page creation, but now it’s a breeze with OptimizePress. You will be learning how to create your own product and launching it with OptimizePress.

Built-in Social Sharing

OptimizePress gives you the option to integrate Facebook comments plus Twitter and Facebook sharing to your pages which is a huge opportunity to go viral and attract more subscribers and customers.


OptimizePress is a very versatile theme that the search engines love (Google loves WordPress). It can be used, not just for selling your own products, but also as a review page for selling affiliate products with automatic integration with the top social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to spread the word.

The pages are very simple to set up with multiple choices & combinations. You’ll enjoy experimenting with it and your sites will look like they’ve been designed by a professional without you having to learn html coding.

OptimizePress is the perfect platform for promoting and selling products and it rates 5 stars from me! And to think that ChrisMentorMe students get it thrown in with the training course. What a scoop, Chris!

Some of the leading marketers on the world, including Chris Farrell, use OptimizePress. It’s a tool that every internet marketer should have it in their toolbox.

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